This is re-enforcing a bad mentality Tumblr is already infected with. Is it feeble of me to reblog this with my unpopular opinion? Probably, but I’m still going to.

Don’t let the number of notes a post on the internet has stop you from expressing yourself.

Last year I was pelted with comments saying, ‘I thought of doing that but you did it already so now I’m not going to,’ about a lot of my art. And it made me want to gently shake and tell all of them, ‘BUT YOU STILL CAN!!’ I can’t blame the artist of this comic for feeling frustrated and making this, or blame anyone who can relate. I can relate!! But it’s important to remember that whatever you make or say is going to be yours. It’s going to be something that no one else but you can make or say.

For more rambles on this please see my Thoughts On Originality because if I go on I’m just going to regurgitate that anyway.


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