Two months later:

One day after the Sun article above, Briana’s mom was papped outside her local grocery store. She is, dare I say, not highly-recognizable.

reblogging with corrected dates

Also noting that Louis was not photographed with Briana again until January 2016, post-birth.

Louis in 2015, as told by Daily Mail headlines:

  • in early March, it’s rumored Louis has been signed as a talent scout
  • Louis breaks up with Eleanor, and it’s announced in late March.
  • Louis parties with lots of different girls for three months, through late June.
  • Of the mystery blondes, the only one who’s named becomes pregnant by Louis; it’s announced July 14. They are not papped together again in 2015.
  • Louis is then referred to as “father-to-be” by the Daily Mail (but I didn’t include those headlines)
  • In early August, the band hiatus is announced
  • Four
    months after the pregnancy announcement, Louis is again (for one night only) seen partying with a
    lot of girls. Briana, the expectant
    mother, attends One Direction concerts all that week.
  • in late October, it’s rumored Louis will become an X-factor judge (in early 2016, it’s confirmed he will not).
  • Five weeks later, he and Danielle are “cozied up”

See the headlines under the read more  (warning: flashing gif)

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